copy of Wallpaper Grey leaves

Reference: 165-1-1

zł 179.00
VAT included

Botanical pattern with big leaves. Versatile, gentle patern. 


Czas dostawy do 14 dni roboczych

Koszt dostawy
  • Odbiór osobisty w siedzibie firmy 0zł
  • Na terenie Polski - DPD: Tapeta 29zł (brutto)
  • DPD Unia Europejska: Tapeta 130zł (brutto)
  • Odbiór osobisty w siedzibie firmy 0zł
  • Na terenie Polski - DPD: Plakat 14zł (brutto)
  • DPD Unia Europejska: Plakat 80zł (brutto)
Reklamacje i zwroty

Oryginalna tapeta jest idealnie dopasowana do Twojej ściany i wyprodukowana na zamówienie. Nie jest możliwy jej zwrot. Jeśli jesteś niezadowolony z zakupu skontaktuj się z nami.

Reklamacje i zwroty

Jeśli zamówiony produkt nie spełnia Twoich oczekiwań, możesz go zwrócić w ciągu 14 dni od dostarczenia zamówienia, bez podania przyczyny.

Delivery time up to 14 business days

Cost of delivery
  • Personal pickup at the company's headquarters PLN 0
  • In Poland - DPD: Wallpaper PLN 29 (VAT included)
  • DPD European Union: Wallpaper PLN 130 (VAT included)
  • Personal pickup at the company's headquarters PLN 0
  • In Poland - DPD: PLN 14 poster (VAT included)
  • DPD European Union: Poster PLN 80 (VAT included)
Complaints and returns

WHITE DOT wallpaper is perfectly matched to your wall and made to order. It is not possible to return it. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us.

Complaints and returns

If the ordered product does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days of delivery, without giving a reason.

Jeżeli masz nietypową ścianę (np. skosy), nie wiesz jak ją zmierzyć, chcesz dostosować kolor tapety, potrzebujesz porady dotyczącej materiału.

If you have an unusual wall (e.g. slants), you do not know how to measure it, you want to adjust the color of the wallpaper, you need advice on the material.

Kontaktuj się Get in touch

Kolory tapety mogą odbiegać od tego co widzisz na ekranie. Zamów próbkę tapety A4 za 20 zł z dostawą kurierem, (następna próbka +5 zł). Jeśli kupisz tapetę 20 zł zostanie odliczone od twojego zamówienia.

Wallpaper colors may differ from what you see on the screen. Order a sample of A4 wallpaper for 20 PLN with courier delivery (next sample +5 PLN). If you buy wallpaper, PLN 20 will be deducted from your order.

Zamów próbkę Order sample

Chcesz się przekonać jak wzór będzie wyglądał na twojej ścianie?

Do you want to find out how the pattern will look on your wall?

Zamów wizualizację Order visualization

Versatile, gentle template. Perfect for a living room, bedroom, but also for kitchen and bathroom. It gives noble look and goes well together with stylish, antique furniture.
We do not produce wallpaper in identical rolls. Every order is "tailor-made" and thus do not throw in unnecessary material. Maximum roll width of 127 cm (laminated and vinyl wallpaper) or 150 cm (latex wallpaper), any length. The size of the wall will be needed to enter during the order.

900 Items

Data sheet

Type I
Latex wallpaper 109zł (brutto) m2
Type I
Laminated wallpaper 179zł (brutto) m2
Type III
Wallpaper vinyl 185 zł (brutto) m2

Specific References

1. Latex wallpaper - thick, high quality synthetic paper with the addition of latex, smooth, satin surface. Intended for residential and office rooms. Can be wiped with a dry cloth.

2. Laminated wallpaper - latex wallpaper additionally reinforced with matt lamination, waterproof, very durable, resistant to abrasion and dirt. Smooth, matte, washable surface. Designed for all types of rooms, in particular public utilities, places exposed to moisture (kitchens, bathrooms). You can wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

3. Vinyl wallpaper - non-woven vinyl wallpaper with a PVC admixture, resistant to dirt. The wallpaper has a fine texture of sand, intended for public, residential and office spaces, it perfectly covers the delicate unevenness of the walls. You can wipe with a damp cloth and a light detergent to remove dirt.

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