Tapeta botaniczna z ptakami foto tapeta

Tapeta botaniczna z ptakami

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Tapeta botaniczna z ptakami

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Botanical wallpaper, with leaves and birds motif. It allows for bold, decisive arrangements. It goes well with modern and traditional furniture style. We do not produce wallpaper in identical rolls. Each order is "tailor-made" and in this way we do not throw unnecessary material into the bin. Maximum roll width 127 cm (laminated and vinyl wallpaper) or 150 cm (latex wallpaper), any length. The wall size will be needed to enter when ordering.

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Specific References

1. Latex wallpaper - thick, high quality synthetic paper with the addition of latex, smooth, satin surface. Intended for residential and office rooms. Can be wiped with a dry cloth.

2. Laminated wallpaper - latex wallpaper additionally reinforced with matt lamination, waterproof, very durable, resistant to abrasion and dirt. Smooth, matte, washable surface. Designed for all types of rooms, in particular public utilities, places exposed to moisture (kitchens, bathrooms). You can wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

3. Vinyl wallpaper - non-woven vinyl wallpaper with a PVC admixture, resistant to dirt. The wallpaper has a fine texture of sand, intended for public, residential and office spaces, it perfectly covers the delicate unevenness of the walls. You can wipe with a damp cloth and a light detergent to remove dirt.

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